Sunday, February 15, 2009

{Valentine Banner}

{Valentine Banner}Made this banner the same way I made my HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner. Just with the words "BE MINE" and a few hearts.

I used the paper from this freebie at Shabby Princess & I used the polka-dot letters from Wild Love at Shabby Princess.


Valerie said...

Jamie...seriously, you make the cutest things! I loved the birthday banner, and this is equally as cute. You are one talented gal!

I have a question regarding blog headers. Could you email me at as I love the personalized look of your digital designs blog.

I've purchased some kits from Shabby Princess and see that they have some ready made blog wear, but was I also need to purchase a coordinating "kit" so that I have the "paper" look on the sides of the blog? (I'm certain I didn't ask that very eloquently!) For example, you have the damask paper running on the sides of your blog and then your header that coordinates. When I was looking at the blog wear kits I only saw ready-made headers and coordinating buttons/sidebar labels.

I hope that I am not thoroughly confusing you! Any help that you could provide would be most appreciated as I know how busy you are! I am still sort of new to all of this blogging and digital scrapbooking business!

Thank you, Valerie

Kierstin said...

Hi again Jamie :) This is Kierstin Laws, Kirsten's friend. I was wondering if you and Kirsten and a couple of other 'crafty queens' from this site would be willing to put a few 'craft nights' together for those of us who want to get together and make some of these cute ideas. You could charge each person how ever much you want. I guarantee you would have quite the turnout!

AdrianeS said...

This is to cute for words!

Unknown said...

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